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Raritan is a proven innovator of infrastructure and power management for data centers of all sizes. Our easy to use, award-winning DCIM software improves data center capacity utilization, optimizes efficiency, and improves staff productivity. Get a demo and see the power of Raritan DCIM.


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Raritan’s DCIM solution is unlike any other and offers data center and facility managers with the ability to manage and make informed decisions with regard to adds, moves(relocation, consolidations, colocation) , or changes of their IT infrastructure and assets.

All of the features that you need to manage your Data Center with ease.

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"With dcTrack we have an up-to-minute picture of capacities in all our data centers in terms of power, space, networking and cooling. As a result, we are able to track our data center capacity more accurately and assess our infrastructure needs for the future. Before we deployed dcTrack, it would mean a trip out onto the data center floor to confirm or deny that a server is in a certain...

Joseph Keena, Manager of Data Center Operations

"dcTrack helps bring order to the complex maze of data center infrastructures. When you have a dynamic and complex environment with many moving parts and interdependencies, you look for solutions to help make it easier to manage. Raritan's dcTrack does that by providing us with an easy way to get accurate information on our infrastructures. Because dcTrack covers the entire lifecycle of an...

Keith Bott, Service Manager Equipment & Facilities

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